What are the basic things that you should have in your studio?

If you want/need to build a studio, go ahead and pick up the things listed on this page. These are the basic materials that will at least get you started.

Computer/Laptop: This is important to have so that you have something to record your music onto.

Software: You will need some sort of recording software or a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). There are plenty of free softwares out there that work great. My favorite is audacity. It is very bare bones, but it gets the job done (especially for a beginner). It is free to download and use.

A microphone: Hopefully you don't use your built in computer microphone to record your songs. The only time that I use my computer microphone is if I have a song idea, and just want to record my idea very quickly, so I can go back later and properly record it. You need a good external microphone to plug into your computer. My favorite budget microphone is the Blue Snowball. It is around 50 usd, and works amazing for recording vocals, or most instruments. It comes with a desktop stand, but you might want a full size micstand depending on where you're putting it.

(OPTIONAL) An audio interface: Depending on what instruments you are recording, or what microphone you have, you may need an audio interface. If you are only recording acoustic instruments, and you have a usb microphone, you don't have a need for an interface. This is just if you have electric instruments (such as a guitar or electric drum set). If you do have these, you will need an interface. This is so you can plug your instruments/microphone into your computer to record them. You can find some good quality interfaces for pretty cheap, just search around.

A desk: Obviously, you need a desk to put everything on. Make sure you get a desk that matches the color scheme (If there is one) of your studio. For example, my studio color scheme is wood and red. My desk is wood, my mouse is red, my MIDI keyboard is red, and I have a smart light that I keep on red most of the time. If you don't have a color scheme, just get any desk you can. It doesn't matter that much. I know somebody that uses a plastic table as a desk and a shoebox as a monitor stand. It isn't a huge deal.

Space: The final thing is space! You need a place to keep instruments and your desk. If possible, try to get a room that has a door. You want to make sure you can block out as much background noise as you can.