What should a songwriting session consist of?

Songwriting sessions may be hard for you, because you don't know how to start them, what order to do things in, and how to end. I'm going to answer those questions today. I am not going to talk about how to write a song, more just the order in which your sessions should go. If you want to know how to write a song, check out This page. Let's get into your session.

Step 1: Get everything together. Make sure you have your voice memo or idea, your instrument, a notepad or text editor on your computer, and motivation. My theory on song writing is: If you feel inspired to write a song, write a song. If you don't have any inspiration or motivation to write a song, don't force it. Your best ideas come from an inspired or motivated mind. If you have an idea for a song written down or recorded on your phone, have that with you to listen to it. Whatever instrument you want to play the basic (undproduced) version on, get that ready to play. I usually use my guitar. Sometimes my piano. Especially if you are writing lyrics, you need a notepad or text editor. Even if you aren't writing lyrics, have your notebook available to write down any notes about chord changes, other instrument parts, or just general ideas that you get during your session.

Step 2: Notify roomates or family that you are writing a song. If you live with other people (such as a roomate, parents, or siblings), tell them where you are writing your song, and that you would like to be left alone. Interuptions are the worst when you are right in the middle of a session or are in the zone. Let them know that you would like it to be somewhat quiet in the house as well. (Be sure to thank them afterwards for respecting your request :)).

Step 3: Write your song. Using the How to write a song page, structure your song and finish the chords and/or lyrics.

Step 4: Record. Grab your microphone and open up your recording software. Record your song on the instrument you wrote it on, and lyrics (If there are any). Structure them how you want, and save the project.

Step 5: Congratualate yourself, because you just finished your songwriting session. Later on during a recording/producing session, you can take the basic recording you just did, and write other instrument parts to it. Record these, mix the song, and you have a fully recorded song.